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Our Vision

We are going to live in a world that depends on insects as a global commodity - a world where agricultural professionals can effectively double the global "crop per drop" by using waste streams to feed insects.  We want you to join us in the industry building that future. 

To learn more about why we are taking this approach, read the blog post announcing OpenCricketFarm.com from Bitwater Farms CEO Sean McDonald. 

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Growing Crickets

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Would you like to have a free M1 cricket habitat setup by Bitwater Farms at your location?  Tell us why or tweet us: @bitwaterfarms #freeM1 #cricketfarming 

Details: We will announce the single recipient of a single free M1 unit on or by November 1, 2016. The total package includes all of the component parts listed on opencricketfarm.com shopping list, the BitBox controller unit and setup and installation, as well as 3 hours of free support per month for one year from a Masters or PhD holding entomologist.

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our m1 Unit

Cricket farming is a very old practice, by some accounts dating back thousands of years. Modern technology and data science have made it possible for "the rise of the cricket" as a serious market and global agricultural commodity.  At Bitwater Farms, we are building the next generation of technologies for small scale research and large scale industrial growth of crickets.  As we've watched the rise of popularity in cricket farming, we've gotten an increasing number of requests from people who want to do small rearing projects using our technology.  

So we've developed a new, open model of our signature "Module 1" (M1) unit, which is perfect for growing 100-500 lbs / year of crickets.  And we're making it available to you, free of charge and open source. 

Right now, the M1 kit costs about $1700 to order DIY, or we can send you a factory-tested unit for $2500-$3500 (depending on size).  Our goal is to get the M1 to cost $1,000 and take 2 hours to assemble.   


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Growing Crickets

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The M1 is Easy, Open & Online

Controlling the environment is one of the most difficult parts of cricket farming and we've made it so simple any grower can use it.  The M1 unit is:

  • A grow tent (from 4'x4' to 10'x10') with environmental controls
  • Cricket habitats to grow 100-500 lbs per year of raw cricket
  • Plug-n-Play controller with easy setup and mobile internet connection 
  • All off-the-shelf components you can order on Amazon and Adafruit 

If you have your own grow tent or small greenhouse, you can just use our controller mechanism and software to manage your cricket operation.